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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) is a professional, non-profit, umbrella association which is comprised of all lawyers called to the Nigerian Bar.

It is engaged in the promotion and protection of Human Rights, the Rule of Law, and good governance in Nigeria. It has an observer status with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, and a working partnership with many National and International non-governmental organisations concerned with Human Rights, the Rule of Law, and good Governance in Nigeria and in Africa.

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From the NBA President's Desk President's Address

The 60th edition of the conference represents a novel platform for knowledge exchange on the continent as we bring together world leaders, political icons, judges, leading lawyers, thought leaders, policy makers, business icons, and civil society to not just discuss but produce an implementation plan to foster the adoption of policies, standards and practices leading to socio-political stability, economic growth, sustainable and infrastructural development for accelerated regional and economic integration...

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Paul Usoro, SAN NBA President

The Concept Note

With an average attendance of more than 12,000 people, (rising this year perhaps to some 20,000 professionals), the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Annual General Conference (AGC) represents one of the largest singular gathering of lawyers anywhere in the world.

The core objective of the 60th edition of the NBA AGC is to host a world class international conference, with in-depth discourse stirred by a wealth of unparalleled experience, aimed at proliferating the knowledge, skills and inspiration bequeathed in past NBA Conferences, to improve our lot in Africa, build legacy law firms, shape subsequent generations of the African Bar, and more importantly, reposition the Bar to play its critical role in economic and socio-political development on national and continental trade frontiers.

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Prof Konyin Ajayi SAN TCCP Chairman

Mr George Etomi TCCP Vice Chairman

From the TCCP Desk TCCP Chairman's Address

This special conference is about telling our story through thought leadership, and it is on this basis that I welcome you and ask that you immerse yourself in the celebration of 60 years of the NBA Annual General Conferences, 60 years of Nigeria's nationhood, and 60 years of independence of a good number of African countries. This becomes important in this age that #BlackLivesMatter, and it is on that score that I ask that you STEP FORWARD in becoming brilliance; in taking hold of the future of work; and contributing, through this conference, to shaping the work of the future. Work which will sound in bits and not atoms – that is: work that speaks in the currency of data and not fossil fuels. The aim is to heal all that tends to divide us, to bring light into the darkness that pervades us, and reclaim the rule of law that we seem to evade.

This conference is not about being different - but being better. The stories and critiques of the nation at 60, remain relatable – thus the conference is about Changing the Gist. The conference is about "Next Tomorrow" – (a Nigerian coinage and new term in the Oxford English Dictionary), that dares us as individuals and a people, to look beyond the next sixty (60) years, into the even further future, and build the reality that is only vivid in our dreams. That reality is, that in 60 years, Nigeria may be the second most populous country in the world. The story must, therefore be, about perfecting the cut of diamonds – this our diamond jubilee year - to polish us (the Nation and the Bar), and help extract the true value that we represent to the Country, Continent and World as a whole.

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